The Pricing Model of Generation Solar Data

Solar energy is an accelerating industry that is quickly expanding over the world. And, given that this increase in solar power output is a global phenomenon, we assume the solar data services that allow it will be as well.

This is the type of thinking that our Generation Solar Data team aims to. Our passion, what pulls us out of bed each morning, is the desire to provide the data and analytics required to develop a solar-powered society. We strive to give the finest information with the least amount of trouble, no matter where your solar adventure brings you.

Global Coverage

We calculate the total attainable solar irradiance over six continents on a quick update cycle with five geostationary weather satellites that continuously feed us new photos of the Earth and its cloud cover. The data is then routed through a customizable and efficient API service that is available to stream.

Our World Sun Radiation API can suit your demands wherever on the planet where you require live or forecasted solar radiance data. It generally provides predictions ranging from 30 minutes to seven days inaccuracy, as well as live actuals for the last seven days. From now on, we will include this data product as an official component of our paid service to thousands of people worldwide.

Do you want to know how much solar radiation is available in Ukraine right now? Not an issue. Looking for a number for the intensity of cloud cover in Malaysia during the last 7 days? We can do it as well. Still not willing to pay? No need to worry; you may continue to utilize both data packages as part of our Free Tier.

Generation Solar Data Pricing

Our basic price approach for data products is intended to be straightforward, flexible, and appropriate for trial applications. Customers will pay a monthly membership fee in exchange for an original investment of 10,000 API GET queries. Would you like any more requests? You will only be charged a few dollars for each extra 10,000 requests every month.

Our API queries are done by simply including a lat/lon coordinate in your request. Also, unlike our Utility and Weather sites, this data is not derived from our modeling system for the precise pinpoint spot you ask. Thus there will be some adjustment with Simple Lat/Lon-based queries.

With each new satellite scan covering all six main continents, our data is immediately updated. Each prediction contains 90% and 10% certainty for the major metrics.

Suppose you want better time resolution or exact location precision. In that case, you must access our site-based API solutions, which you may reach via the API Toolkit. Site-based solutions include components designed particularly for utility-scale solar projects and rooftop solar plants. Our Utility Sites tool provides radiation and electricity estimates for the same location.

If your operation demands a huge volume of calls, you might be attracted to our Enterprise solution. We collaborate with a local subcontractor for this service to offer you an SLA and other benefits to give you significantly better ‘per request’ pricing.

Solar Energy Sector in Vietnam

If you haven’t been keeping up with the incredible increase of renewable power generation in Vietnam, you’re in for a big treat. During the first 4 months of 2021, Vietnam’s overall output of power from sustainable sources reached 9.5 billion kWh, jumping 156.9 % year to year and responsible for 11.8 % power output.

The Southeast Asian country currently positions seventh worldwide in renewable energy capacity. It is one of just two nations in 2020 that built many solar panels, only behind the United States and China. Vietnam is a hopeful indicator of worldwide efforts to reduce the usage of fossil fuels and increase access to renewable alternatives.