Historical and TMY

Our team of climate scientists, data analysts, and programmers created the most advanced live and forecast worldwide solar irradiance information supply chain available. With the worldwide success of this API-based solution, the team’s attention has turned to using this architecture to provide very accurate historical irradiance assessments with the minimum uncertainties.

A data set of solar radiation and meteorological factors is essential for modeling solar power plant electrical output. That data set can be utilized in the audit process to assess projected year-to-year fluctuation, seasonal or daily power production profiles, and to calculate energy figures for various probabilistic scenarios.

Our process starts with high-resolution satellite data, which is then used to identify and characterize cloud formation using industry-leading algorithms. Tools like the world’s finest Engerer2 separation engine and the integration of global aerosol datasets decrease the risk for developers while also lowering volatility in energy calculations.

How our historical and TMY data sets differ:

Minimal uncertainty

Our data aids in the reduction of project risk during the early stages of development and allows for reliable performance review throughout the operation phase of a solar installation.

High-quality worldwide coverage

For every location on the map, our vast historical archive of sun radiation data is accessible. In addition, our database has been verified. You can rely on Generation Solar Data no matter where your plant is positioned.

User-friendly tools

Users can easily download our data and save it in various formats depending on their needs and requirements.

Flexible pricing

Our staff will gladly provide our customers with a plethora of product selections. We do not compel our clients to purchase bundles to provide them with the greatest shopping experience possible.

Not every solar irradiance data collected from satellites is considered equal. Historical Time Series, Typical Meteorological Year (TMY), and Monthly Averages are the three forms of solar energy and meteorological data that we provide. Our data has extremely low volatility, is updated constantly, is available in various forms, and comes with free credit to get you going.

All solar energy investment choices must begin with an evaluation of the solar resource. We have spent years designing a system that produces data with minimal inaccuracies, giving you the least amount of unpredictability and the most “commercially viable” data imaginable.