To ensure the success of your operation, we have collected historical, current, and forecasted solar irradiance and PV power statistics from across the globe and made them obtainable via the world’s most powerful solar data API. Our objective is to provide the hardworking people in the solar business with quick and easy access to the information and tools they require to do their tasks.

However, even an API with an ocean of information behind it didn’t go far enough for us. So we created our API Toolkit to make sure that it is easy for you to access the accurate figures you require whenever and wherever you need them. We remove as much agony and complexity as possible from obtaining the solar data services you require so you can tackle the bigger challenges.

What Does Generation Solar Data API Toolkit Do?

The API Toolkit’s primary purpose is to provide you with a straightforward starting point for using our current, forecast, and past data repository. It is a web-based application to our API services that will walk you through creating your forecasting page, accessing our global datasets, or obtaining previous data in a specific arrangement.

You’ll be able to launch unique forecasting projects in minutes by using the API Toolkit. Do you require a Utility-Scale solar forecast to be sent to your local power company? In just a few moments, you can create your projection. Maybe you’re a provider looking for behind-the-meter solar predictions or projected actual figures. You may also create your Grid Aggregation using the API Toolkit.

Or perhaps you want solar exposure data for your own PV modeling software. Get current, recent, or historical statistics in various formats, ready for use with your preferred modeling program.

Rapidly Updated Forecast

Using our APIs, we can quickly update all of our solar statistics. You will be able to examine real-time graphs of our actual and forecast data at your test site via the API Toolkit, which will refresh with each upload. You may also examine an unrestricted summary of our recent prediction performance using our built-in precision reporting tools.

Integrating Information from Generation Solar Data

In conjunction with our informative API documentation, the API Toolkit will show you real examples of the API GET queries required to access our live and forecasted data. Adjust the location, forecast category, time resolution, and download method to see how the API GET requests responses change automatically.

Simply click our ‘download’ links to get an available data file of real-time or forecasted data for your location in the format of your choice. Your required data will therefore be instantly accessible for examination.