We’ve switched to a monthly membership plan for Time-series data access. This entails no lock-in commitments, as well as a recently launched structure that allows you to match appropriate pricing with your specific needs.

Free Tiers (Free)

  • 3 API requests for one time only

Starter Plan ($99 per month)

  • 100 API requests per month

Pro Plan ($250 per month)

  • 400 API requests per month

Max Plan ($600 per month)

  • 2500 API requests per month

Enterprise Plan (contact us)

  • Unlimited API request per month

Our purpose at Generation Solar Data is to provide the finest data and tools we can into the fingertips of developing a solar-powered society. We are continuously motivated to give the utmost data possible while making it as simple as possible for our clients and global communities to obtain.

Even so, availability does not end with data quality and easy access. We also need to make the data more economical. As a result, we are always experimenting with our underlying technology to increase our productivity and lower our rates.

Better pricing implies more universal access to the data necessary to design, install, and maintain the world’s rapidly expanding solar power. We’ve kept the free tier selection, as we’ve always been. Always check our price page for the most up-to-date information, since this may change over time.

Furthermore, we have maintained our ‘order form’ methodology to make the data more accessible to a wider demographic. The order form will display both how many ‘requests’ your order will use and how many inquiries you have left. You may now request data for up to 20 locations at once, which is a significant improvement.

If you require more requests, we will give simple upgrade reminders to expand the size of your service plan. After you’ve made your requests, you’ll be sent to the ‘Recent Requests’ page, where you may track the status of your purchase.