All of the statistics from Generation Solar Data are ready to be imported into your favorite PV program. You can access one or all of the file types without paying any additional expenses.

Our information is compatible with tools such as PVsyst, SAM, and HomerPro. In addition, we offer a comprehensive CSV format that can be handled by and simply adjusted to just about any third-party software system.

Regardless of how powerful the PV modeling software is, using verified, bankable data is critical to creating dependable, precise energy generation models. Using software to produce synthetic data certainly raises the level of certainty in energy models.


Importing irradiance and temperature data from Generation Solar Data is a simple and straightforward operation with PVsyst software. The PVsyst simulation software executes the calculation while integrating global horizontal irradiance, diffuse horizontal irradiance, and temperature into consideration.

When importing our hourly data into PVsyst, consumers have two options. A TMY file, which highlights weather patterns across a whole year of hourly data, is one alternative. Another approach is to use a Time Series format, from which multiple different one-year intervals for certain years can be generated in the PVsyst weather system.

Even though CSV hourly format is supported in newer versions of PVsyst 6, certain previous models of PVsyst only allow data in the standard format. This can be selected from a drop-down menu when loading the information. Our data also enables this standard format in circumstances when the most recent versions of PVsyst are not accessible.


We can provide suitable data sets to operate with SAM, which in this instance requires data in CSV format. Users can choose which of the primary radiation sources, such as global horizontal irradiation and direct normal irradiation, to employ during the simulation stage.

SAM does not recognize our usual CSV data format by default and might employ an alternative format for the simulation. If you buy our ‘extended’ TMY dataset, we will provide it to you in SAM format in addition to the CSV file.

We would happily assist clients who are having difficulty uploading their ‘basic’ TMY data. Please contact our support staff if you are unable to locate your dataset in SAM format.


Loading our data into HomerPro is simple and just takes a few minutes. To import our data into HomerPro, we must first convert it to a TXT file. Furthermore, data for each variable must be loaded individually.