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Innovators in data and software management for future solar investments.

Generation Solar Data creates and manages a platform that allows users to access archived, current, and forecasted data for practically any area on the planet. Our solar resource directory has been analyzed and determined to be among the most accurate and trustworthy. Our worldwide clients appreciate our stringent and methodical validation process, which results in reduced data uncertainties.

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We’ve switched to a monthly membership plan for Time-series data access. This entails no lock-in commitments, as well as a recently launched structure that allows you to match appropriate pricing with your specific needs.

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Our mission is to make your job simpler. Part of this includes producing the most delicate data, making it quick and simple to obtain, and providing you with bonus rewards to get you going. However, we aim to make it as easy as possible for you to comprehend how we compare to other solar data suppliers.

Software Integration

All of the statistics from Generation Solar Data are ready to be imported into your favorite PV program. You can access one or all of the file types without paying any additional expenses. Our information is compatible with tools such as PVsyst, SAM, and HomerPro.


To ensure the success of your operation, we have collected historical, current, and forecasted solar irradiance and PV power statistics from across the globe and made them obtainable via the world’s most powerful solar data API.

Rooftop Solar

We use the most recent satellite images from several weather satellites to estimate and forecast PV electricity generation worldwide. We monitor the most recent cloud cover conditions surrounding your rooftop electricity generation system and use advanced prediction algorithms to determine where the cloud cover will travel ahead.

Inputs And Algorithms

We make all of this information accessible in real-time using our ServiceStack API platform, which includes a range of APIs customized to every data product. What follows is a greater overview of our inputs and processes to help you better comprehend how our system works.

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