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How does DataGlen solution work? Please explain the IoT Solution architecture?

The following block diagram shows a typical solution architecture.

DataGlen Solution Architectures

Inverters, String Monitoring Units, Weather Monitoring Stations, Multi-Function Meters, Transformers are connected to DataLogger via Modbus protocols – TCP/Ethernet, RTU. The DataLogger (typically run on either x86 or ARM architecture) sends data to our cloud server where our proprietary algorithms and analytics processes are run and the results interfaced via web applications, phone apps, SMS/Email alerts.

Which IoT hardware is compatible with DataGlen solution?

Some of the DataLoggers we worked with in the past include Soekris (built on x86, AMD Geode), Advantec (built on x86, Intel® AtomTM), WebdynSun. However, we are compatible with most dataloggers commercially available.

Do you provide data loggers as well?

Yes, but we are not restricted to ours. We also have partnerships with third party DataLogger/ Gateway suppliers compatible with our platform.

Can we integrate with existing data loggers?

Yes, if your hardware can send inverter/energy meter/ sensor data to our servers periodically via ftp. We had integrated with multiple data-loggers such as Webdyn, Atoll, Radio Studio besides others. Please send the datasheet of the data-loggers to us, we can advise on how to integrate with our platform.

Is your system available for rooftop projects?

Yes, we have deployed our systems for utility scale as well as rooftop plants. We are monitoring rooftop plants of capacity ranging from 10kWp to 1MWp at more than 100 sites across India.

I have sites at multiple location. Can you integrate them all in a single dashboard?

Yes, we do. Infact we can integrate your sites located across the world so long as they are connected to the web.

I have sites with multiple inverter brands. Can you integrate them all in a single dashboard?

Yes. Our platform is vendor independent and can connect to all kinds of inverters, energy meters, sensors, monitoring and automation equipment contingent on the communication protocols enabled on the hardware. We are already monitoring all the top 10 inverter brands.

What kind of monitoring systems can your platform provide?

Our cloud based platform is robust and built powerful to support multiple applications real-time to monitor solar activity. Our solar PV monitoring comprises — inverter monitoring, array monitoring, energy monitoring, AJB monitoring. Several other applications related to Energy Storage are in pipeline including battery monitoring, solar cell monitoring etc

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