Maximize solar generation

We monitor more than 150 MW of commercial and rooftop solar projects in India.

Intuitive Interfaces

Access, visualise and download your current and historical generation data.

Real time alerts and alarms

Minimise your downtime with our real-time alerts on network or hardware failures.

Generation Analytics

Understand generation patterns and parameters that influence performance.

Real Time Alerts

Minimize downtime with our real time alerts

Network and Hardware Failures

Continuous monitoring of generation data to detect any network, hardware (inverters, SMUs) or grid level failures.

SMS and Emails

Notify site engineers directly via SMS messages. Provision to send emails and SMS messages to multiple stakeholders.

A Ticketing System

Keep track of open and historical issues. Manage Service Level Agreements (SLAs) easily.

Smartphone Applications

Access your data on the go with our Android and iOS based smart phone applications.

Generation Analytics

Understanding generation patterns

Design custom alerts to keep a watch on the generation as per your needs.

Correlate energy generation with environmental parameters to undestand generation patterns.

Root cause analysis of energy loss.

One day ahead generation prediction.



Billed annually, 5-Yearly or lifetime

Cloud based access.
Single control dashboard.
Access Management.



Billed annually, 5-Yearly or lifetime

White Labeling.
Alerts (SMS/Email).
Android/iOS Apps.
Event Logging and Ticketing.



Billed annually, 5-Yearly or lifetime

Energy Loss Analysis.
Generation Prediction.
Root Cause Analysis.
Configurable Alerts Rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide data loggers as well?

Yes, but we are not restricted to that. We have integrated our system with external data loggers as well.

Can we integrate with existing data loggers?

Yes, if your hardware is capable of sending data to our servers periodically.

Is it available for rooftop projects?

Yes, we have deployed our systems for utility scale as well as rooftop plants.

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